NYC's best indie scene for freedom lovers

Join our growing eclectic coalition of Constitutionalists, Free Marketeers, Free Thinkers, Classical Liberals, grassroot strategists and upstarts whose vision of Liberty and Republicanism coincides with Enlightenment Philosophers such as John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Bastiat and Ayn Rand.

Partying vs Party
Eat, drink and fellowship with NY'ers who value their unalienable right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Put yourself in a company of interlopers who can articulate why American Exceptionalism whips Old World Socialism. Our 'indie' label suits all who seek to promote their freedom and liberty in a voice that's effective and distinct from the big franchise GOP types.

It's a work-in-progress
We promise to fill you in on what makes this little indie brand different. And why it might be a better framework for dealing with the political challenges around you. But in the meantime, check out Indie R's latest Meetup events.